CNN Hires Trump Cultist Former GOP Rep. Sean Duffy

The Daily Beast reports:

During Sunday morning’s State of the Union, anchor Jake Tapper introduced former Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) as a new paid contributor for the network.

“Let’s bring in new CNN contributor, commentator and former congressman Sean Duffy,” Tapper said ahead of a panel discussion.

“Thank you for being here and congratulations on joining the CNN family.” A network spokesperson also confirmed to The Daily Beast that Duffy is now a CNN political commentator.

Duffy, as you may know, is a hardcore Trump cultist and this hire is likely meant to lessen criticism that CNN is biased against the Glorious Leader.

Duffy abruptly resigned from the US House several months ago, citing health issues with his unborn ninth child with Fox contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, whom he met while both appeared in an MTV reality series.