Trump Backs Union-Busting In SCOTUS Petition

The Washington Post reports:

The Trump administration on Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to overrule a 40-year-old precedent that allows compelling public employees to pay some fees to unions that represent them, an important tool for the U.S. labor movement.

It was another dramatic reversal in a high-profile case before the high court, and at least the third time since President Trump’s inauguration that the Justice Department has renounced its past positions, some held for decades.

It puts the administration squarely on the side of conservative legal activists, who have complained for years that the requirement violates the free-speech rights of those who don’t want to join the union or pay fees to it.

The Obama administration supported the unions in previous challenges, and when the issue was last before the court in January 2016. It appeared from oral arguments that challenge would be successful, but Justice Antonin Scalia died a month later, and the court announced that it had split, 4 to 4, on the issue.

  • Butch

    You don’t want to pay you don’t get the benefits. Easy.
    And I’m sure the Trumpkins think this move is wonderful, even though it’s aimed directly at them.

    • LawdyB

      The problem is, no one will want to pay. That’s the point. Unions won’t have any funds to help them stay organized and they’ll fail. Then people will remember what happened to the previous Union and won’t attempt to make another, or the new one will fail even faster.

      • MaryJOGrady

        People will organize. Look at the Fight for $15, and all the efforts to organize fast food workers– a Sisyphean task that is actually underway nationwide.
        The labor movement will have to re-invent the wheel. It started to rise while the Robber Barons and the Trusts were in full cry, and people had to die in that process.
        It can be done, and it will be done. I just wish with all my heart that no one has to be shot this time.

      • Puck

        The UAW didn’t prevent car companies from closing doors and yet they want to represent me and other workers? NOT

    • Puck

      I am for this because my company would give us the moon just to spite the union people.

      • olandp

        Right. You just keep telling yourself that.

  • Dutchlander

    That’ll be so amazing for these coal miners in West Virginia and Pennsylvania!

    • Tawreos

      How else are they going to bring coal back unless they can bust the unions and deregulate the hell out of things. The miners should have known that they would have to say goodbye to their paychecks and hello to black lung.

      • jerry

        They’ve already removed a lot of safety regulations, and miner deaths have greatly increased in 2017, compared to both 2015 and 2016.


    Next edition of New Yorker : Trump as Scrooge, and Flynn singing like a bird…

    • Droz

      Well, at least he made the cover of one NY based magazine.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      He looks too good. Not enough hair.. but great work on the very small hands.

    • kaydenpat

      I hope that’s what Flynn is doing.

    • Tawreos

      He couldn’t be Scrooge, Scrooge learned something.

  • Michael R

    Fun with Fascism rule number 13

    13. You absolutely despise unions. To you and those like you, labor unions represent the empowerment of workers. Since you believe corporations can do whatever they want, you see organized labor as a threat because they fight for higher wages, health care, safety regulations, less hours, vacations, sick days, and holidays off. This obviously threatens the amount of money corporations can give to you and your cause so you brand unions as proponents of socialism and make laws that severely weaken them so that corporations can have a cheap, powerless labor force they can abuse.

    If you haven’t seen this list it was obvious Trump was doing everything on it within a few weeks of announcing his candidacy , and he’s only gotten worse .

    • Jill

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  • Treant

    I guess we just have to hope for a bad heart on Trump, Pence, several Republican senators, and Alito or Thomas.

    • Vista-Cruiser

      Just think: all of this could have been prevented had Democrats bothered to vote last year.

      • Treant

        It’s odd how often that statement can be used. 🙂

        • Vista-Cruiser

          Sadly, I have plenty of opportunities to use it. It’s certainly worth repeating.

  • Gustav2

    The funny thing is when conservative/Republican bureaucrats get into trouble or need help, they all call the union attorney. The hubby just laughs when they do that.

    • Treant

      Oh, well, we’re not taking away bureaucrats’ unions, just those filthy workers.

      • MaryJOGrady

        Actually, this case does have to do with bureaucrats’– public employees’– unions.

  • Ninja0980

    Bottom line, the minute Gorusch got put on SCOTUS is the minute labor unions were screwed.
    Once again, those who stayed home or voted third party to send a message, you just ensured the people you claim to care about are screwed.

    • canoebum

      Nothing shall be allowed to impede the rush to the bottom for American workers. It has become popular to bash unions while ignoring the many benefits people take for granted, such as 40 hour work week, overtime pay, sick leave, occupational safety, vacation time, health and retirement benefits, holiday pay…hell, holidays, are all union achievements. Anyone with half a brain knows that corporations and governments did not provide these things out of the goodness of their hearts. Yet, while sitting on their couches watching football and drinking beer on a weekend, idiots will bash unions or bitch about paying a few dollars for the protections they provide. It’s disgusting.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        Unions also insured you had the skill sets for the job. You know like having the knowlege to build a power grid in puerto rico??

        • Puck

          Really, here in WV we have all these kids going and paying to be taught these skills and getting a certificate and leave with no job or even a prospect of one. Meanwhile the unions just made some money from someone that didn’t have much only to be gibven false hope.

          • olandp

            Are your parents brother and sister, or just cousins?

            Fucking troll, go back to Russia.

          • Stephen Elliot Phillips

            Both sides are equal, huh? I bet you cant wait for your tax cut

      • Puck

        Back in the days unions were good. I work in an engine plant in WV. We are paid well, hours can suck at times. Some here want a union because they feel the company isn’t listening to them. We have the best insurance in the area, we pay a small premium. They bitch here because bonuses and wage increases haven’t been what they want, so they scream we need a Union!

        Based on my wages and hours I will pay $70 from each pay check or $140 a month in union dues. That is $1,680 a year so someone else can speak on my behalf. I can speak for myself!

        The union reps that came here lied to people about what they can do for us. You can go online and find out what they really can and can’t do but the idiots here are just learning to read. Luckily for now there are enough of us to keep the union out. If one day we are forced to flush, I mean pay union dues I will be the thorn in the union stewards ass. Everyday I will demand to know where my money is being wasted.

        • killreligion

          Everyone likes to talk the benefits of unions but don’t mention the corruption, political motivation and well documented role in destroying American competitiveness

          It’s sad we can’t have a balanced discussion of the pros and cons vs “you bash union. Unions good. You troll”

          Sure they negotiated work weeks and benefits IN THE 20s 30sand40s. Gee thanks. More recently it has been corruption and politics on the backs of ignorant workers

          Don’t like flight attendants attitude? Thank unions for that six figure earning employees rudeness. Don’t like paying 20% of your car price to overly generous retirement plans and political gerrymandering? Again, unions

          We need balanced discussion. The marketplace can work if workers educate themselves and act in their own interest. Unions can work too if they are not run by criminals.

        • canoebum

          I am glad you have a well-paying job. I’d ask you to think if the company you work for would be so generous without the decades of union activism for better pay and working conditions, as well as their motivation to keep the union out. Whether you like the idea of unions, or object to paying dues, is for you, beside the point. You are already reaping the benefits of union activism and advocacy for worker’s rights. Would you be willing to pay $32 a week for better hours, more time to spend at home or doing something other than coming in for a midnight shift? I bet you would. Would the differential in pay a union could win for you for working the graveyard make up for the $32? I bet it would, plus some. You sure can speak for yourself, but a chorus is louder than any single voice.

        • JCF

          “Back in the days unions were good”

          Translation: “…before I let FOX tell what to think.”

          “I can speak for myself!”


          It’s your FOX/Rethug/Trump hivemind which is sending this country right down the drain. “MAGA” my ass.

    • kaydenpat

      But Susan Sarandon keeps telling us that Clinton would have started WWIII by now so…

      • Jeffg166

        Some people just can’t admit to being wrong.

        • She still hasn’t admitted to being wrong about supporting Nader in 2000. I’m not holding my breath for that entitled nutjob to wake the fuck up.

          • Stephen Elliot Phillips

            Her ex long time, boyfriend tim robbins is no better. Wonder why they broke up

      • Hunter M

        I’ve never understood why people give a damn about what some actor thinks about politics and other things. I wouldn’t ask a plumber for medical advice, I sure wouldn’t go to an actor for anything but learning how to lie.

      • boatboy_srq

        Question is whether Clinton would have started WW3 by making the entire planet declare war on the US. Lord Dampnut seems compelled to make that happen. I’m having a hard time imagining any sane pol engineering a situation where Mexico, the UK, Egypt, Iran, and DPRK are all on the same side: not so with Hair Furor.

  • DaddyRay

    But remember people – both parties are the same

    • hudson11

      hmmmm. Speaking of which, what has happened to Bill Purdue?

      • zhera

        I believe he has been ‘silenced to death’. Too many people blocked him and no-one bothered to argue with him. He’s been gone for quite some time.

      • Paul

        They left their job at the St. Petersburg troll factory after their job of splitting the democratic vote was a success.

  • Tomcat

    He also backs cheating people that he owes money.

    • Tomcat

      Fixed it.

  • Tomcat


    • RaygunsGoZap


    • Ross

      But did we have an election in 2016?

      Or did we have a theft of an election by Russia?

      My money is on the latter.

      • Tomcat

        Latter for sure.

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      You get what you vote for

      • Ross

        I voted for Hillary.

        I did not get her.

        I am damn mad about it, still.

        • Stephen Elliot Phillips


  • And this is a surprise exactly how?

  • MaryJOGrady

    Well, doesn’t that just figure.
    After WWII, the GI Bill and the organized labor movement built the US middle class. Ever since Reagan busted PATCO, the air traffic controllers’ union, the GOP has been taking a meat ax to the unions.
    I for one have noticed what that has done to the middle class in the US. The grandchildren of the hardworking union members who enjoyed decent, secure lives are trying to survive on lousy, minimum-wage jobs with no benefits, not even paid sick leave. (I just love being exposed to minor infectious illnesses while going about my daily activities.)

    • The senior citizens who love Trump the most are the ones who made a decent living at a union job where a man could work in a factory and support a family. That’s all gone now and they don’t understand why their grandchildren are having trouble financially. They’ve been told. They just don’t want to hear it. They got theirs and fuck everyone else. The time will come when millenials are going to have to make tough choices to clean up the older generations’ mess. I hope they are kind, but we don’t deserve it.

    • jerry

      I don’t think it’s coincidence that the rise and fall of the middle class is exactly mirrored by the rise and fall of labor unions.

  • Kevin Andrews

    Scalia, murdered by the Koch Brothers made way for this Gorsuch CONservative Christ-O-Fascist pig to the detriment of the nation. These vile bastards are all treasonous.

  • the thugs are always anti-union. duh. the traitor probably doesn’t even know why this matters, as an issue. i’m very much getting to the point where i know it’s not him, it’s the powers behind him. he’s too senile and stupid to think of any of this sort of stuff on his own. even melanoma isn’t that smart. and she’s way smarter than he is.

    i guess she’s having another offspring. what do you think? is it really his?

  • kaydenpat

    Give huge (unnecessary) tax cuts to the wealthy. Break the back of unions for regular folk.

  • Ninja0980
  • Tomcat

    Taking us back to Britain 16 century. Only the elite had any power.

    • Ross

      That really is happening.

  • SoCalGal20

    Just the latest attempt to completely bust the unions. No surprise here.

  • Todd20036

    And remember kids, unions donate a lot to democratic PACs

    • danolgb

      Except the police unions. And Republicans love the police unions. Of course, they don’t brand themselves as unions. They’re “associations.” It’s police unions who train cops to yell “stop resisting” and “stop reaching for my gun” to cover their police brutality.

  • Boreal

    Proud union member here. Cheeto can fuck off and die.

  • Harveyrabbit
  • Of course Trump hates unions. It’s harder to get away with not paying union workers.

  • Hank

    Well, BACK to the SWEATSHOPS for this and the next Generation!!!

  • Boreal
  • AJ Drew

    Corporations are people! As ugly as I knew that was, it hit home when my mortgage handling bill-sender changed its name from Nationstar to Mr. Cooper.

    Oh, that bill I’m paying to a third-party collector seems so much more personal now! /s

    • Hank

      I am sure that your DEBT/mortgage has been re-sold to some RUSSIAN Bank!!! So, just wait a bit until their Mafia shows up at your door!!! Ask Herr Drumpf!!!

      • AJ Drew

        Yup, no idea who actually “owns” my mortgage. Hmm, so-be-it.

      • AJ Drew

        Calling the 800 number and any poor sap answering, whether their voice sounds male or female, first language English or not, has to say, “Hi, you’ve reached me, Mr Cooper, how may I help you?” is just… uff.

  • zhera

    I’ve never really understood the American dislike/hate for unions. It’s the backbone of the labor movement, which is why in civilized countries we have work regulations, safety rules, laws about child work, etc.

    • Hank

      Growing up, both my parents were members of 2 different unions. Granted, there were times, when my father was out on strike due to another union going out. However, it took us to the middle class from my grandparents immigrant status. When my mother retired, her union benefits, paid for medication, when Medicare did NOT!

    • AJ Drew

      I blame Les Mis, misinterpreted by U.S. teachers impregnating young minds. “Are you Valjean or Javert?” What are they doing about, standing around? You get nothing for nothing! Given most U.S. school calendar schedules, they never got to the end of the actual novel, so… oops.

    • MarkBuster

      I was raised in a very union family. My grandfather was a co-founder of the one in his jewelry factory.. but those unions were very different from today’s. Now it feels, to me, like a bad pimp.

  • netxtown

    For the most part – the unions ARE the LAST point of “worker” organization. Bear in mind – if ya ain’t 1% – YOU are a worker. With unions scattered about the US – they serve as defense points to keep the corporate goons from owning us all. The unions know how to strike. They know how to get out in the street and make their point.

    Take away these pods of organized resistance – and say hello to your clean white aprons.

  • Jack

    Soon to go is the 1964 Civil Rights Amendment.

  • lymis

    “It puts the administration squarely on the side of conservative legal activists, who have complained for years that the requirement violates the free-speech rights of those who don’t want to join the union or pay fees to it.”

    Bullshit. Whatever merits that discussion has or doesn’t have, we’re talking the Trump administration and its overt desire to turn the US into even more of an oligarchy than it is.

    It puts the administration squarely on the side of rich people who want to be able to treat their employees like serfs.

  • more discuss weirdness. um, i couldn’t post this reply to another person here, so i’ll try again.

    worry about union corruption today is silly. this isn’t 1955, and frank sinatra is not the most popular singer in the world.

    unions today are mostly impoverished and powerless. only right wing
    nutbags still think they are so important that they determine american
    politics. the reality of union membership (or not) as an employee today
    is very different. i so very much wish we still had Union power like
    that. instead, if you ask people from the ages of 17-35, most will say,
    “I am not a member of a union nor do I want to be in one.”

    it’s really sad. my cousin was mayor of detroit for a while. i “was there” while the repukes took down real union power.

    • bring it on russian trolls.

      srsly. let’s go there. i will have your mother raped and your father’s beard made into a sanitary napkin i throw away. i am not afraid of you. Sisu!

  • lymis

    For good or for ill, unions are like seat belts. You don’t need them until you do, and if they’re not there when you do, you can easily get seriously fucked up.

    I’ve worked in companies where the workers were in a union, and in companies where they were not. When management actually cares about the workers, their rights and their dignity and sees productivity as a result of empowered workers, the union is rarely useful beyond the whole kabuki process of dealing with unreasonable butt-hurt of individual assholes. But when management doesn’t care, the union is about the only meaningful safety net they have – and it usually benefits the company as well.

    That’s not to say that unions don’t need regulation and serious constraints on their power as well. That whole checks and balances thing that the GOP seems incapable of understanding.

  • Palmer

    I wonder how long it will be before we’re made into serfs.

    • boatboy_srq

      2 years, 8 months, 12 days, 20 hours 47 minutes.

  • Taylor Bixler

    Thanks to the labor movement we have the weekend, paid vacation, overtime pay, sick leave, social security, child labor laws, worker’s compensation, whistleblower protections (sort of), workplace safety, etc. Bunch of selfish bastards those unions are.

    • MarkBuster

      Those achievements are amazing and honorable. But “What have you done for me lately?”. My union has a closed shop, and engaged in divisive politics, and seems to do little in the workplace except keeping the under achievers from getting canned.

  • Halou

    I’m sure the man who for more than a year now has failed to divest from his businesses has no personal interest in this case..

  • olandp

    Fine, if someone doesn’t want to be represented by the union, they shouldn’t be. Let them negotiate their terms of employment, pay, and benefits themselves. They do not share in benefits won by the union.

    • MarkBuster

      If only! I would LOVE that! I’m good at my job, in demand.

      • olandp

        If only that damn union wasn’t holding you back.


  • Galvestonian

    …another dumber than dumb move by the moron-in-chief.

  • MarkBuster

    You know… after the last election, and being disgusted with SEIU, I’m kinda ok with this.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I’m actually thrilled about this…if only to hear the wails of all those unionized white men who chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump” all while thinking he was only going to go after brown people….and let’s not forget those on the left who, while pro-union, still felt Trump was better than you know who. Ah, how the worm turns and people are hoisted upon their own petards…’tis indeed a joy to behold.

    Yeah, you can take it that I have zero sympathy for what has been wrought by their own idiocy.

  • boatboy_srq

    Remember when saying that the GOP wanted to undo the entire 20th century was humorous exaggeration?