Secret Service Reactivates Trump Junior’s Protection

CNN reports:

Donald Trump Jr.’s Secret Service protection has been reactivated, sources familiar with the matter told CNN. The President’s son had previously requested his protection be scaled back, seeking more privacy. By law, as an immediate family member of President Donald Trump, his son is authorized, but not required, to have protection. It is not clear what prompted the move. Previously, Trump Jr. had also requested to travel without protection during a family trip in June, which the Secret Service reluctantly approved.

The Secret Service, per longstanding policy, has declined to confirm or deny CNN’s report.

  • What, did junior discover people don’t like him either? …and by not like, I mean he was on the receiving end of what he dished out to our last President and his family.

  • Exatron

    His latest mission for Russia must be complete

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    • Christian Abel

      It isn’t clear what Trump policy would help Russia and what Hitlery policy would harm Russia (except going to direct war, not proxy war)

  • bambinoitaliano

    Maybe the secret service got the intell daddy is going to bump him off? As in Mueller: “Psssssst, keep an eye on that turnip, I’m not done with him.”

  • shellback

    Flight risk?

    • stuckinthewoods

      That’s what I thought too. Mueller knew Jr. would chew an ankle bracelet off.

      • ClevelandJim

        Same here…well, except for the ankle bracelet chewing (altho he does look like a beaver in that pic, so I wouldn’t be surprised at his chewing ability)

  • lymis

    “It is not clear what prompted the move. Previously, Trump Jr. had also requested to travel without protection during a family trip in June, which the Secret Service reluctantly approved.”

    Please, it’s crystal clear what prompted the move. Donnie Jr. was up to something nefarious and wanted the Secret Service off his back temporarily.

    In short order, we’ll hear of which Russian oligarch or operative, or Mercer minion was “coincidentally” in the same place at the same time.

    • Tawreos

      The way he normally does things we will have video and audio from the meeting along with statements from all involved about what exactly was discussed.

      • And Jr will personally release emails that confirm the meeting.

    • Christian Abel

      You realize that the US needs to be allied with Russia, right? Riiight?

  • clay

    I prefer to think of this as: “Treasury Department reinstates security oversight on Trump’s so-called trustee”

  • Tawreos

    He either met with whoever he didn’t want anyone to know he was meeting with or Daddy told him that not having the Secret Service was costing him money in some way.

    • Halou

      File all the paperwork now and we can blast through the Secret Service’s 2018 budget in three months rather than six. Get as much money as fast as possible, and always have a packed bag ready just in case we need to catch an Aeroflot flight to Moscow.

  • bambinoitaliano
    • kareemachan

      Look, I know Canada’s healthcare isn’t perfect. But it’s a gazillion times better than the crap that he wants to foist on the American people.

      • clay

        He doesn’t want to foist anything on the American people. And that’s the problem– he doesn’t want any federal assistance in any way.

      • bambinoitaliano

        He and his ilks never wanted anything to foist on the American people except for the billions of tax cuts for his corporate overlords.

      • Hue-Man

        And fully 15% of Canadians are dissatisfied with Canadian health care!

        ..a leading indicator points to the fact that “Most Canadians (85.2 percent) aged 15 years and older reported being ‘very satisfied’ or ‘somewhat satisfied’ with the way overall health care services were provided, unchanged from 2005.”

        • Xuuths

          I don’t think many Canadians who are 15 now and are taking the survey have particularly good memories of health care service back in 2005. Just saying…

          • Reality.Bites

            Unchanged from results in a poll taken in 2005, not asking the people polled in 2017 how they felt back in 2005.

        • ETownCanuck

          The dissatisfaction usually stems from long wait times for elective surgical procedures. They keep trying to convince us that a pay for play system will improve those, and it will….for those who can afford it.

          • Hue-Man

            I’m dissatisfied that pharma isn’t included in Medicare. If one national purchaser negotiated prices, we could get New Zealand level drug prices and cut out all the “rebates” that inflate prices.
            Here’s one example from a July 2017 study.
            Omeprazole (Losec, Prilosec) CAP-20MG
            Canada $0.41
            Sweden $0.09
            US Veterans Admin $0.08
            New Zealand $0.03

          • ETownCanuck

            Ya, I should pay more attention to that sort of thing as well. Currently my benefits through work cover the cost of prescriptions but that won’t always be the case.

          • prixator

            I’ve always wondered why teeth got separated from the rest of the body.

      • Thorn Spike
        • 2guysnamedjoe

          The American visitor to the UK summed up his experience with the National Health:
          . . . from walking into the clinic to leaving the ER of the hospital, it was a total of four hours. And there was not a single person I met who seemed angry or beleaguered or disgusted by the system they worked in. Every one of them was simply devoted to making sure I was ok. No profit
          motive. No forms to fill out. No card to check. No in-etwork or
          out-of-network. No phone calls to beg for approval. I didn’t pay a dime.
          That’s how you treat a guest.
          . . .

          Fucking pass single-payer. Or stop fucking pretending that we’re a society and just admit that the USA is a Darwinian dystopia.

      • Christian Abel

        Do they kidnap babies and let them die as in nazi UK?

    • Jefe5084

      He’s doing the “laying on of hands” evangelical dominionist thing. He’s creepy. It’s all he knows.

    • -M-


  • BearEyes

    ” Jr. had also requested to travel without protection during a family trip in June”
    family visit to Moscow?

  • Rebecca Gardner

    What about Eric’s Secret Service protection? Oh, and he really needs to star in another “Goonies” movie. He was awesome in that role!

  • Rex

    He misses the attention.

  • DaddyRay

    Can the Secret Service ever be called upon to testify in a treason trial?

    • Steven B

      Yes! They are federal employees.

      • Gene Perry

        No, maybe. T____ could claim that anything the overhear is covered by exec. privledge.

        • Steven B

          Executive privilege is excluded in criminal cases involving POTUS.

  • Gustav2

    He just wanted to make one flight to Russia in private.

  • Dan M

    probably requested that it be reinstated because a black person got within one hundred yards of him.

  • JT

    Junior getting a little scared, is he?

  • hdtex
    • Gil

      Apologies to all Walmart personnel

  • OdieDenCO

    putin must have sent him a nastygram.

  • Treant

    So I guess they have their Russian marching orders for the next ten months or so and Junior won’t need to give up protection again until next summer…

  • Karl Dubhe

    The meeting with Boris and Natasha went well, I presume?

    I trust the FBI kept their folks looking out for jr. After all, we only want what’s best for them. The best prison, the best prison food, the best prison beds and the best prison (you know whats).

    • Grumpys cats Best Friend

      Where is moose and squirrel ?

  • Jefe5084


  • RJ Bone

    What makes me the most angry is that he thinks we didn’t notice. He’s so arrogant that he can do something so obvious as ditching his protection “for privacy”, now taking it back and not assume that WE’D SEE RIGHT THROUGH IT.

    Anygod, that man is such a fucking douche.

  • rednekokie

    Perhaps the tRump family wasn’t satisfied with the cost to the country that all their SS protection was amounting to and decided to up it because of their prestige!!
    Does this mean that he’ll jaunt around the world on government planes again?

  • Harveyrabbit

    Well that’s a shame.

  • Dave F.

    It’s probably to keep tabs on his traitorous ass if he tries to skip town. Either that or one of the Russians he talked to turned up dead by mysterious circumstances and he is now expendable.

  • Michael R

    … and don’t leave the country

    • Tomcat

      I wish the entire family would flee to another country.

  • Tom G

    He might’ve be a flight risk.

  • bkmn

    Junior destroyed the evidence that daddy told him to.

  • clay

    Decisions, decisions; it’s not like he’s an executive or anything.

  • JWC

    Take it away from Donny

  • drtrmiller

    Suspending secret service protection must be like incognito browsing in Chrome.

  • Tomcat

    He just needed to get away from therm for long enough to do whatever he was involved in.

  • abqdan

    Not suspicious – no, not at all…