HiFi Sean Featuring Crystal Waters – Testify [VIDEO]

Over the last 25 years house maven Crystal Waters has scored ten #1 singles on Billboard’s dance chart, starting with 1991’s career-making, maddeningly catchy, and widely-sampled Gypsy Woman. This week we get the video for Testify, her collaboration with former Soup Dragons frontman turned hottie bear icon and producer HiFi Sean, who makes a cameo appearance. Watch below.

  • another_steve

    Do queerlings still dance today?

    And if yes, with all our discos closing — where?

    • mikeinrkfd

      Hunters or Ramrod
      Country Line dancing-Scandals al in Wilton Manors FL

      • another_steve

        I went to a work-related holiday party the other week and all the old ladies (old ladies love me) dragged me to the dance floor to line dance with them.

        I can’t line dance. I lack the necessary brain circuitry.

        Now they know and will never ask me again, I’m sure.

        • mikeinrkfd

          Yeah I don’t get line dancing either, it’s too structured for me. I like to just flail my arms and legs about.

          • CanuckDon

            Some of the best times in my life happened when the gays got into country line dancing in the early ’90s. I taught it for a little while at the bar where I djed. So much fun going slowly through each part of the dance, stringing them all together, and then putting it all to music. A real sweet taste of community where how hot you looked didn’t matter.

          • Jerry

            A few times in the ’90s I went out with straight friends and ended up at country bars doing the line dancing…without fail, these straight bars always employed a gay man to lead the dancing.

        • james1200

          A gay who can’t dance! You’ve permanently shattered their illusions.

        • EweTaw

          Are you sure you’re gay?

    • james1200

      Paradise Bar is a few blocks from my house in Cambridge. Cash only, hot strippers, but sometimes look real young, dancing on weekends, seedy, everything you need from a gay club, lol.

      • another_steve

        We had a gay strip club here in Baltimore — The Club Atlantis. Closed some years ago. Now a straight club or something. My husband and I had such fun there.

        The go-go bar scene in John Waters’ “Pecker” was filmed in the Club Atlantis.

    • CanuckDon

      Well…far be it from me to say (as a former DJ) but it’s hot dance songs like “Testify” that are one of the reasons gay bars need to stick around. You will rarely hear this style of dance music played consistently in the straight clubs. This will forever be the kind of music that appeals to dancing gay men and some lesbians too.

      • another_steve

        I’m probably biased because I came out in the early 70s and was heavily into the NYC queer dance scene back then — but I think the best disco songs were the songs of the 70s. The Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer. The list goes on and on.

        It was impossible not to get up and dance to that stuff.


        • rusty57

          As the kids say, “YAAASSSSSS Honey!”

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Thanks!! I like it . We need some happy.

  • TJay229

    Ooo i remember her from the SoundFactory..! The good ole days.

  • Craig S
  • james1200

    This isn’t a dance song but I discovered it back in October and post-election, it fits everyone’s mood perfectly. It’s the catchiest song about depression I ever heard and I can’t stop listening to it. And I love the lead singer’s voice.


    • PickyPecker
      • james1200

        That is one meth’d up chicken…

        • Silver Badger

          Nonsense, they’re PickyPecker’s back up group.

          • Bad Tom

            There’s no reason it could not be both.

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    • Tiger Quinn

      Thank you for posting that.

  • pj

    corrie ography?

  • SO GREAT!! Thanks for posting this!

  • DrRobY
    • Jeff King

      Agreed! LOVE it!

      • Sean Dickson

        thanks Jeff

    • Sean Dickson

      thanks man

  • Blake Mason

    I love when my Diva’s mature. Take a note Mariah.

  • Acronym Jim

    Any relation to the Waters’ of Portland, Oregon? Rosey, Misty and Poison?

  • Tiger Quinn

    All these years later and Gypsy Woman is still such an amazing song. Just to do her hair now….’cause she cares, y’all.

  • rusty57

    Loves it.

  • CanuckDon

    Crystal Waters’ version of “Boy From Ipanema” is a fun summery song.


  • Skip Intro

    Best thing to happen all year. Catchy and happy with piano and little touches of acid house … and I loved the Soup Dragons back in the day. Sean rules.

  • djcoastermark

    Cheers for Happy Music ! I like, I like !