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Snake-Handling Pastor Whose Father Died Handling Snakes Gets Bitten While Handling A Snake [VIDEO]

Yahoo News reports: Cody Coots is a fourth-generation snake-handling pastor at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name church in Middlesboro, Ky. In a new documentary, “My Life Inside: The Snake Church,” which premiered on Friday on the YouTube channel Barcroft TV, Coots is seen holding a snake during one of his sermons, which generally has 14 parishioners in attendance …

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Anti-Porn Movement Site: NoFap

Christian news outlet LifeSite today points to the “atheist/agnostic site NoFap” as evidence that “the tide is turning against the porn industry.” NoFap, as the name implies, is also an anti-masturbation site. From their main page: NoFap® hosts challenges in which participants abstain from porn and masturbation. Seize control of your sexuality and turn it into superpowers. Recover from porn-induced …

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