Snake-Handling Pastor Whose Father Died Handling Snakes Gets Bitten While Handling A Snake [VIDEO]

Yahoo News reports:

Cody Coots is a fourth-generation snake-handling pastor at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name church in Middlesboro, Ky. In a new documentary, “My Life Inside: The Snake Church,” which premiered on Friday on the YouTube channel Barcroft TV, Coots is seen holding a snake during one of his sermons, which generally has 14 parishioners in attendance each week, when the serpent suddenly bites his ear.

His father, Jamie Coots, was 42 years old when he was handling a rattlesnake at the church in 2014. He was bitten on the hand and died “within probably 10 minutes,” according to Cody. While blood rushes out from Cody’s ear, he continues preaching, telling his congregation to “keep playing” their music. “I’m not worried at all,” he tells the congregants in the documentary. “God’s a healer, I’m not worried.”

The Daily Mail reports:

It is soon apparent that Pastor Coots is becoming increasingly affected by the snake’s bite as blood rushes down his face – no matter how many times he wipes it away with a cloth. Soon he is choking and has to be carried out of the church by its members. He was taken to hospital where doctors told him he could have been ‘killed’ after the snake came close to severing the temporal artery. He has now reportedly started re-evaluate his life in the wake of this incident.