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Homocon Jim Hoft: Leftists Might Commit “False Flag” Shooting Of Student Activists During Anti-Gun March

This afternoon homocon Gateway Pundit fake news blogger Jim Hoft appeared on InfoWars where he agreed with guest host Mike Adams that liberals might slaughter student activists during the upcoming anti-gun marches. Media Matters has the quotes: Mike Adams: “If someone wanted to pull off a false flag shooting to really try to take away the guns, if they had …

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Trump Suggests Jews Themselves Are Behind Wave Of Bomb Threats Against Jewish Community Centers

The New York Daily News reports: President Trump appeared to suggest Tuesday that the wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the U.S. could be coming from within the Jewish community itself, according to a Pennsylvania state lawmaker present for the comments. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who was part of a group of state attorneys general meeting …

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