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Bernstein Names 21 GOP Senators Who Trashed Trump

Yahoo News reports: Political reporters in Washington, D.C., have been saying a lot of Republicans in Congress privately despise President Trump, but few have publicly criticized him — and likewise, few have publicly acknowledged his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. Carl Bernstein, one half of the journalistic duo that uncovered President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal, named 21 names on Sunday …

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Carl Bernstein: My Sources Say Mueller’s Report Will Show How Trump Helped Russia “Destabilize” The US

Newsweek reports: Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein has said that he’s been told that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report will show how President Donald Trump helped Russia “destabilize the United States.” Bernstein, who is renowned for his coverage of the Watergate scandal, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday to discuss two bombshell reports released this weekend, one from The New …

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