Ohio Anti-Trans Activist Testifies That Non-Christian Lawmakers Are Probably Possessed By Demons [Video]

Columbus’s NBC affiliate reports:

As one Ohio House committee heard dozens of opponents speak against a bill to ban transgender athletes from all levels of female sports, another committee heard from supporters of a second bill targeting transgender youth: A bill to ban gender-affirming care for minors entirely.

Its sponsor, Rep. Gary Click (R-Vickery), did not testify Wednesday and instead perched in the front row of the audience. Click has repeatedly asserted his belief that “gender is the same as sex” and that many forms of gender-affirming care – which he calls “gender conversion” – are experimental, dangerous and irreversible.

In 44 pages of written testimony, he claims that trans adults who transitioned as children “do not exist” and that up to 95% of children who question their gender identity will ultimately identify with the gender assigned to them at birth.

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