Study: Half Of Men Are Neither Grower Nor Show-er

The Daily Beast reports:

Alonso Isa and a group of urologists from Spain set out to answer a question that few have asked scientifically: Is shower and grower even a thing? They concluded that these categories were real, but two extreme ends of a spectrum. Most men, the researchers found, fall into a middle gray area. By measuring flaccid and erect penis length, the researchers could calculate the percent change between the two.

They classified growers as people whose penises were over 55.73 percent longer when erect, and showers as those whose penises were up to 30.94 percent longer when erect. Based on this definition, 25 percent of the men in their study were growers, while 24 percent were showers—meaning that 51 percent of men were neither. Age, weight, smoking status, and other health traits were not significantly linked to being a grower or a shower.

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A separate study issued last month concluded that penises have gotten 24% larger in the last 30 years for reasons that remain unclear.