Daily Wire Host: Demons Are “Always Transgender”

Media Matters has the transcript:

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): So, Sam Smith gives an overtly satanic performance with all sorts of transsexuals and fire coming up. First point there, by the way — and I noticed this the other day even before Sam Smith’s performance — isn’t it odd how depictions of demons, how depictions of weird ghoulish devilish demonic figures are always androgynous?

They’re never super duper hyper-masculine chads. They’re never beautiful, truly gorgeous women with classical proportions and representations of beauty. They’re always androgynous. They’re always trans.

And the reason for that is that the devil hates human beings and sexual difference is, basically, at the very core of human nature. The difference between man and woman, the complementarity of man and women, is right there at the heart of human nature. And the devil hates humanity and so he tries to cut away at the very core of humanity.

Knowles last appeared here when he melted down over the GOP plan for a Spanish-language response to tonight’s state of the union address.