Shapiro Host Melts Down Over Spanish SOTU Response

“In recent decades, you’re no longer unified by religion. You’ve had huge waves of non-Christian migrants and Christianity among the native population has declined as well, so you’re not unified by that.

“People are not unified even by the national symbol anymore, the American flag. Half the country protests the American flag. So, the most basic thing you can be unified by is the language that you speak. Well, we can’t even speak to each other anymore.

“And it’s not the Democrats. The Democrats aren’t issuing a Spanish State of the Union. They’re not going to have some Spanish official go up and here’s the Spanish version of Biden’s speech.

“No, it’s us. It’s the Republicans. It’s so pathetic. For what? For what? To pander to people who will be — they can turn on SAP, okay? They can read the speech if they want in Spanish. You could dub it over whatever Sarah Sanders has to say. But no, we’re the ones doing — we’re going to out-woke the woke. We’re so clever.

“Democrats, they’re the ‘real anti-immigration advocates. Democrats are the real Hispanic-phobes.’ Give me a break. It’s so pathetic. So, so pathetic.” – Daily Wire host Michael Knowles.

Knowles last appeared on JMG when he declared that “there’s no such thing as gay marriage.” Of note, Knowles is the co-host of Spanish-speaking Ted Cruz’s podcast.