Pastors Float Ukraine War As Heralding The End Times

The Associated Press reports:

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted some of America’s most prominent evangelical leaders to raise a provocative question — asking if the world is now in the biblically prophesied “end of days” that might culminate with the apocalypse and the second coming of Christ.

Megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, addressing his congregation at First Baptist Dallas, said many Christians are wondering, in the face of carnage in Ukraine, “Why does God permit evil like this to continue? Are we near Armageddon and the end of the world?”

The curators of — which shares commentary about “end of days” prophesies – suggest things could move quickly. Their “Rapture Index,” — on which any reading above 160 means “Fasten your seatbelts” — was raised this week to 187, close to its record high of 189 in 2016.

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Jeffress last appeared on JMG when he declared that all Christians will have jobs in heaven because “God created us to be workers.” Before that, we heard from him when he revealed that the police are “ministers of God” and that to resist them is to resist God himself.

Jeffress has said that all Jews and Mormons go to hell, that Obama was the precursor to the antichrist, that LGBTs need rescuing from Satan’s deception, that God designed the borders of the United States, that there will be civil war if Trump is removed from office, and that God gave Trump the moral authority to have foreign leaders assassinated.

In July 2020, it was revealed that Jeffress’ megachurch got up to $5 million in COVID bailout funds. In September 2020, Jeffress said that any Christian who votes for Biden has “soul his soul to Satan.”