Fox Host: Boosters Prevent “Nature’s Vaccination”

Media Matters has the transcript:

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): It might have been a month ago when I said that. I said, like, with a high transmission, low severity strain, you actually — could actually be a natural booster.

I was lambasted in the media, as I often am, for being way ahead of the curve. But you — what you’re talking about raises an interesting question.

If you urge a booster for Omicron, does that mean you are actually going to end up preventing a more effective kind of vaccination, nature’s vaccination, which would raise the natural immunity in a safe way, but with a booster, that may not be that effective.

So, it’s like, do you — why would you get a booster against what is ineffectively — effectively could be a booster? Call me a quack, I don’t care.