Fox Host: Merck’s Coming Pill Is A Big Pharma Scam, We Should Use Ivermectin (Which Is Made By Merck)

“This is all such a scam. We could repurpose ivermectin for so cheap. None of this is about public health, it’s about cashing in or paying in favors for Big Pharma.” – Fox News host Lisa Boothe, responding to the news that Merck is seeking authorization for an oral COVID treatment.

From a February 2021 statement by Merck, the North American maker of ivermectin:

Merck known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, today affirmed its position regarding use of ivermectin during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Company scientists continue to carefully examine the findings of all available and emerging studies of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 for evidence of efficacy and safety.

It is important to note that, to-date, our analysis has identified: No scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies.

No meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease, and; A concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies.

We do not believe that the data available support the safety and efficacy of ivermectin beyond the doses and populations indicated in the regulatory agency-approved prescribing information.

The TikToker below tells it best.

@debunktionjunctionMore “journalists” speaking before doing ANY research!

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