Bannon Rages: Liar Mike Pence Should Have Followed Through On John Eastman’s Memo, Which “Will Stand”

“This all would have been averted if Mike Pence had done his job, if they had read the memo. Mike Pence’s letter that he dropped at one o’clock is a lie.

“There’s a lie in the first paragraph. There was never any discussion to flip these to – to flip these to Trump electors.

“It’s to send it back to the states that plenary power, that requested it to come back to check the process of how the electors were certified.

“And guess what’s going to happen? And Little Jamie Raskin and Bennie, you are going to have to embrace this. This is called embracing the suck.

“We’re going to decertify that. And look at the math. 35 percent of registered voters on Morning Consult’s poll, want to overturn this election.

“They don’t want to – they’re beyond decertification. They want to overturn it. OK? They want to overturn it.

“John Eastman’s memo will stand. You can meltdown all you want, right?” – Steve Bannon, speaking to ex-Claremont Institute president Brian Kennedy, who says he’s proud of Eastman.