Graham: Democrats Are Paying People Not To Work

Posted yesterday to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

Today, on #LaborDay, we celebrate the American worker. We remember the entrepreneurs with their dreams and the workers with their skills who built this nation—the roads, the bridges, the industries, the farms.

But today it is troubling to witness the disregard we see for hard work. Almost every business is trying to hire people, but can’t find enough. So many people no longer want to work. What has happened in just two short years?

With President Trump, the United States had the strongest economy, some say since Eisenhower, and we had more people working than at any time in our history—but it is evaporating.

Yes, the coronavirus had a great impact, but political mismanagement has dealt a debilitating blow with things such as repeated stimulus payments and giveaway packages that encourage people not to go to work. The

Republicans seem to know how to get people to work and the Democrats seem to know how to tax your money and give it to people as an incentive not to work.

God created us to work. On this Labor Day, join me in thanking Him for His hand of blessing on this nation through the years. And pray for America and our leaders to turn to God and ask for His forgiveness, His mercy, and His continued blessings. That is what we need most.