Lindell Accuses Homocon Site Of Working For CIA

Mediaite reports:

At his so-called cyber symposium, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said that a writer for far right website Gateway Pundit might be a CIA plant trying to undermine his conference … or something? But they are looking into it for sure.

Lindell was apparently unhappy about a post at the conspiracy blog that focused on the news of supposed cyber security expert Josh Merritt that broke earlier Thursday.

The Gateway blog, under the byline Larry Johnson, wrote about it, saying: “One of Mike Lindell’s cyber experts bailed on the China hack theory earlier this week and spoke with the media. Why now? Why would he wait until the week of the symposium to bail?”

Read the full article. Longtime JMG readers may recall that in 2008 Johnson claimed to have video of Michelle Obama ranting about “whitey” at a Chicago church. Obviously, no such video was ever produced.