Jim Bakker: Buy My $1000 “Miracles Happen” Blanket, When You Lay Under It, Jesus Pays Off Your Mortgage

Jim Bakker: I’m gonna reiterate, I want you to when you order this – $1000 – to do it in faith. Sow that $1000 seed in faith, believing that this is part of your seed into the kingdom of God. You’re doing something for the kingdom of God. And God is going to – we’re sending out the – what do you call the blanket again?

Woman: Miracles Happen!

Bakker: Miracles Happen blanket. Just sleep under it. Do whatever you want with it. Hang it on your wall. That’d be a great wall hanging.

Woman: Lay it over your bills for the healing of your finances. Put your wallet in there, your credit cards, all the bills, house – the mortgage. We’re having houses paid off this week, last month and this month.

Everybody: Hallelujah! Amen!

RELATED: Bakker last appeared on JMG when his guest claimed that the COVID test extracts DNA which is then used to turn people into “flesh-eating zombies.” In June, Bakker was ordered to pay a $156,000 fine to the state of Missouri for selling a fake COVID cure. The state of Arkansas has also sued Bakker over the fake cure claim. Penalties in that suit could be in the millions. Last August it was reported that Bakker may be forced to return up to $1.7M in federal bailout funds for participating in illegal activities at the time of the request. No action on that angle has yet been reported.