Hate Group: The VA’s Vax Mandate Is Only Meant To Beef Up Federal “COVID Injection Numbers” For Biden

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Secretary Denis McDonough is using the ‘vaccination mandate’ to increase COVID injection numbers for the federal government. The mandate not only violates the law, but employees can easily get a religious exemption.

Under the federal Emergency Use Authorization law, these shots cannot be mandated or administered without the free and full consent of the individual. The VA has no authority to mandate the COVID shots.

Federal employees are also protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It is shocking that the Biden administration and a federal agency would hide the fact that employees have a right to opt out of forced COVID shots.

These healthcare workers are heroes. It is wrong to violate their right to informed consent and bully them into compliance.

Last month Staver vowed to sue the VA over its vaccine mandate but so far no lawsuit has materialized.

As I’ve previously reported, Liberty Counsel has compared the Biden administration’s vaccine outreach to Nazism. Staver claims the “so-called” vaccine has caused infertility, miscarriages, and thousands of deaths.

On his recently launched web show, Staver has hosted members of America’s Frontline Doctors, whose leader is best known for her “demon semen” claims.

According to Staver, “Big Tech” is hiding effective treatments for COVID in order to help Biden keep the nation under “constant surveillance and social control.”