Staver: We’ll Sue VA Over Vax Mandate, Send Money

Via press release from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Yesterday, we received many emails from employees of the VA—the largest health care group in America. At the end of one email, the person wrote: “HELP … Stop this please. Lord help us all.”

We are being inundated by requests for legal assistance from people who are being forced to take the COVID shots. Our legal intake department is being flooded with requests for help from VA employees, doctors, nurses, military chaplains, college students and more.

Making matters worse, Joe Biden’s acting assistant attorney general just issued a patently ridiculous memo that the clear language of the federal Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) law does not mean what it says!

Joe Biden and his Department of Justice are wrong—and with God’s help, Liberty Counsel will assist those pleading for assistance!

We need your help to support the legal fight for freedom. Please, make your best possible, sacrificial gift today. And thanks to a special Challenge Grant, YOUR impact will be DOUBLED!

As I’ve previously reported, Liberty Counsel has compared the Biden administration’s vaccine outreach to Nazism. Staver claims the “so-called” vaccine has caused infertility, miscarriages, and thousands of deaths. On his recently launched web show, Staver has hosted members of America’s Frontline Doctors, whose leader is best known for her “demon semen” claims. According to Staver, “Big Tech” is hiding effective treatments for COVID in order to help Biden keep the nation under “constant surveillance and social control.”