Anti-Vaxxer Vows To Have Walmart Workers Executed

The Springfield News-Leader reports:

Livestreaming on Facebook, a man known online as the “vaccine police” harassed pharmacists at a Walmart in Springfield — saying the workers would be “executed” for administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

Invited from Alabama to last week’s Mercy hospital rally, Christopher Key is an entrepreneur who came to prominence after convincing Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis to use his “deer antler spray” to treat his injury. In recent months, Key has been speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccine.

And since the Saturday rally, he has been in Springfield. Monday evening, Key and his “Missouri crew” entered the Walmart Supercenter west of Springfield on Sunshine Street. Making a beeline to their pharmacy, Key yelled that he was putting the store’s workers “on notice.”

Read the full article. His live-stream is still on Facebook. Key is a follower of the anti-vax and pro-Trump America’s Frontline Doctors, who claim that the COVID vaccine has killed tens of thousands of Americans. Skip around on the clip for maximum crazy.