Capitol Riot Suspect Releases Song About “Jesus”

The Dallas Observer reports:

The story of Jenna Ryan, the Frisco real estate broker facing charges for participating in the Jan. 6 raid on the U.S. Capitol, is like an onion. Every time a new layer is exposed to the atmosphere, it smells like hell, but you can’t help but take a huge whiff.

The latest odorous bit of news comes in musical form. Ryan wrote and recorded an original song for a self-help YouTube channel called SelfLoveU, which sounds like a college that markets itself as “home of the Fightin’ Wellness Journals.”

We’re pretty sure she’s talking about former president Donald Trump here. Sure, it’s easy to believe it’s a song about Jesus, but she did say she was looking to take orders from Trump before she flew to the Capitol.

Read the full article. Ryan, you may recall, took a private plane to the riot because she was invited by a “cute guy” who ditched her upon arrival. Ryan was among the first cultists arrested in January and begged Trump in vain for a pardon.