“Ambassador Of Christ” Who Called For Killing Pelosi: “Drop All Charges Against My Vessel Pauline Bauer”

Raw Story reports:

A MAGA rioter who infamously called for the hanging of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has filed a bizarre motion to dismiss her case in which she employs rhetoric similar to that used by the “sovereign citizen” movement to demand her release. MAGA rioter Pauline Bauer filed a motion to dismiss in which she describes herself as “I, Me, Pauline Bauer the Living Soul, A Creation of God.” She then proceeded to demand that the court “Drop all Charges against my VESSEL – PAULINE BAUER and Dismiss the Case.”

Read the full article. Bauer last appeared on JMG when she declared herself to be an “ambassador of Christ” who is immune from the law. She appears to be representing herself, which always works out just fine.