Riot Suspect Who Screamed For Killing Pelosi Declares Immunity From The Law As An “Ambassador Of Christ”

The Daily Beast reports:

Pauline Bauer, a Pennsylvania pizzeria owner, is accused of multiple counts of violent entry, disruptive conduct, and obstruction of Congress after she allegedly broke into the Capitol on Jan. 6. Prosecutors allege that Bauer tried organizing buses to transport people to D.C. for a rally that preceded the riot, and that while in the Capitol rotunda she told police that she wanted to kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But in what experts describe as an inadvisable legal strategy, Bauer has demanded to represent herself in court, appeared to threaten a court clerk with prison time, and declared herself a “self-governed individual” with special legal privileges. Bauer does not simply appear in court, she clarified during a June 11 proceeding via Zoom. “I am here by special divine appearance, a living soul,” she told a judge that day, while stating that she did not want an attorney.

Read the full article. Bauer told the court, “I do not stand under the law. Under Genesis 1, God gave man dominion over the law.” As I reported back in May, prosecutors say Baeur screamed “bring out that fucking bitch Pelosi” for hanging. Hit the link, there’s so much more.