NYT Board: Heads Must Roll After Mayoral Debacle

From the editorial board of the New York Times:

New Yorkers have endured the incompetence of the city’s Board of Elections for so long that complaints on the subject blend into the background noise of life in a megalopolis, alongside gripes about overstuffed subway cars and putrid piles of sidewalk trash.

This page called the board “at best a semi‐functioning anachronism” — and that was 50 years ago. Nary an election passes without another reminder of how much contempt the agency has for the city’s vast, diverse electorate.

Accidentally purged voter rolls, misaddressed absentee ballots, intolerably long lines. The catalog of dysfunction and neglect seems endless. If this latest disaster is to have any silver lining, it will be as the catalyst for a comprehensive reform that should have happened decades ago.

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