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Nonprofit That Created Ranked Choice Software Used By NYC Says BOE Ignored Their Offer To Help Tabulate

Gothamist reports: The head of the non-profit, non-partisan group that created the software used by the city Board of Elections to carry out the ranked-choice voting tabulation process said offers to help with a smooth ranked-choice counting process were ignored. The BOE’s first tabulation of in-person votes (including early voting and on Primary Day) led to sheer chaos on Tuesday …

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NYT Board: Heads Must Roll After Mayoral Debacle

From the editorial board of the New York Times: New Yorkers have endured the incompetence of the city’s Board of Elections for so long that complaints on the subject blend into the background noise of life in a megalopolis, alongside gripes about overstuffed subway cars and putrid piles of sidewalk trash. This page called the board “at best a semi‐functioning …

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