Christian Anti-Vax Nut Films Self Stealing CVS Vax Vial

Newsweek reports:

A Minnesota man posted a video of himself that appeared to show him stealing a vial of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in order to “test it at a lab.”

The man, who has been identified by his social media accounts as Thomas Humphrey, filmed himself at what appeared to be the beginning of a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at a CVS pharmacy on Thursday.

He can be heard saying, “I just want to read it. I just—you know, I’m taking the vaccine, I just want to read it,” he then reached across a counter and grabbed a white box.” A woman who appeared to be a CVS employee tried to take the box back, saying, “Sir! Sir!”

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More from TMZ:

It wasn’t the first time Humphrey pulled this stunt. The day before he did the same thing at a clinic, warning people the vaccine was toxic and they should roll their sleeves back down.  Humphrey is wearing a “National Action Task Force” shirt, an org that proclaims “enough is enough!”

Thomas was arrested Thursday, but for some reason not for stealing the vaccine. He was booked for unrelated charges of obstructing legal process, operating a motor vehicle without plates and registration and driving on a suspended license. He’s already been released.