Mike Lindell Claims He’s About To File New Election Suit That Will Result In 9-0 Ruling From The Supreme Court

“Everybody’s gonna know about this, in spite of the media. We’re bringing it up, we got the case, it’s almost ready, and when we bring it in five, six weeks before the Supreme Court; now let me tell you, by the time it gets there, everyone’s gonna see, everyone’s gonna know it, including all nine of them justices.

“This time they’ll have already seen the evidence, they’re gonna have to accept this. And I’m telling you, it’s going to be a 9-0 vote going, ‘Wow, this was an attack on our country by foreign actors and domestic.’

“And I don’t know what they do after that—I’ve said that in my movie—but I will tell you this: They will do something. They have to.” – MyPillow nutbag Mike Lindell.