Mercedes Schlapp Melts Down After Fox Guest Calls Her A Lying Grifter: “I Am Not Going To Put Up With This!”

So this just happened on Fox News:

“Chris, I am not gonna take this from you,” Schlapp shouted back. “You are not gonna call me a liar! You are not gonna call me a conspiracy theorist. You are not gonna call Tucker Carlson a conspiracy theorist!”

“He is and you are,” Hahn shot back. Schlapp exclaimed, “I’m not going to put up with this! This is what the Democrats do! They keep calling us names, we’re not put up with this! I stand for freedom! I stand for the freedom of the American people every single day!”

“No you don’t,” Hahn insisted. “You’re a grifter. This is ridiculous.” At that point, Fox News host Gillian Turner instructed her guests to stop “the name calling.”

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