Right Wing Site Roasts Trump For Ripping Off Donors With Post-Election Money-Begging “Save America PAC”

From the right wing site American Greatness:

Former President Donald Trump continues to rake in huge piles of cash, but very little of that money has gone toward the causes for which donors believe they are giving.

At the heart of various fundraising projects are misleading solicitations that appear primarily to target desperate and loyal middle and lower-income Trump supporters.

Between November 3, and January 31, Trump raised more than $255 million from voters on the claim that the money would fuel the legal warfare needed to contest the election results. According to Bloomberg, however, by December 4 the total spent on overturning the election was just $8.8 million.

Read the full article. The piece goes on to recount Trump’s various post-election fundraising scams. The site’s commenters are split between whataboutisms and “so what, who cares?”