Man Who Voted For Trump Bills That Sent Money To Inmates Complains Biden Bill Sends Money To Inmates

CNN’s Daniel Dale reports:

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican, is attacking Democrats for passing a pandemic relief bill that will send money to prisoners. Cotton’s attack on Democrats was echoed by North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn on Twitter on Sunday. Fox News, meanwhile, turned Cotton’s tweets into an ominous headline on the front page of its website: “FUNDING CONVICTED KILLERS. Democratic COVID bill gives mass murderers taxpayer money right out of your pocket.”

But Cotton’s attack left out a highly relevant fact. Facts First: Prisoners also received checks from both of the pandemic relief bills that then-President Donald Trump signed and Cotton voted for. Neither the bill Trump signed with Cotton’s support in March nor the bill Trump signed with Cotton’s support in December contained any language prohibiting prisoners from getting relief funding.

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