RNC Launches New “Election Integrity Commission”

Fox News reports:

The Republican National Committee is launching a new panel on election integrity that it says is dedicated to restoring transparency and confidence to future elections. The RNC announced their new Committee on Election Integrity on Wednesday, sharing the news first with Fox News.

The RNC says the new committee will work closely with state parties and other election stakeholders nationwide on voting policies and best practices.

Among them: the panel will push to ensure poll watchers are allowed to properly observe counting processes, “meaningful” voter ID laws are codified, and all Americans have faith in our elections process.

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Merrill last appeared on JMG when he attempted to flame Twitter critics over the Alabama law requiring notarized affidavits to accompany an absentee ballot. That law requires voters to have access to a computer or photocopier, and a printer. He told one man that if he’s too stupid to figure it out, he should probably plan on “voting in person.” Prior to that, Merrill was mentioned here during his failed Senate bid when he blamed mass shootings on the media. Before that, he appeared here when he blamed “homosexual activities” for the dearth of wholesome family entertainment like Gunsmoke, which went off the air 45 years ago. When asked for an example of those homosexual activities, he cited women’s soccer.