Rittenhouse Lawyer Withdraws Amid Ethical Questions

ABC News reports:

John M. Pierce, a California lawyer who has employed war-like rhetoric in his advocacy and fundraising for Kyle Rittenhouse filed a motion to withdraw from Rittenhouse’s criminal case, just hours after prosecutors alleged in a court filing Thursday that Pierce’s reported financial problems raised ethical concerns and a potential conflict of interest.

Kenosha County prosecutor Thomas Binger on Thursday morning took the highly unusual step of advocating against Pierce’s request for admission to the criminal case, a procedural measure required of out-of-state lawyers that would typically be granted without objection.

Pierce’s “personal financial difficulties raise significant ethical concerns,” Binger wrote in a court filing, contending Pierce could “personally benefit” from his close ties to the “#FightBack Foundation,” a Texas organization co-founded by Pierce and nationally known defamation lawyer Lin Wood.

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