Rush Limbaugh Suggests Top Republicans Are Being “Purposely Infected” With COVID Via Nasal Test Swabs

“What if somebody wanted to purposely infect people at the White House? They’re zeroing in on two events. One was debate prep, because Chris Christie’s got it.

“Chris Christie came down with it. He was a part of urgent debate prep. He was in there with the president and some others.

“And then the Amy Coney Barrett Rose Garden ceremony is where a lot of other people came down with COVID-19.

“So given those two locations, those two events, how would — if somebody wanted to infect a bunch of Republicans, how would they do it at those two events? I think it’d be very easy to do it at the White House.

“What about an infected swab that they are testing people with? What about some person who has the virus but is asymptomatic and is walking around all of these places — getting close to people, breathing on them, touching them — and maybe a Republican, even.

“What do you think about those two possibilities?” – Rush Limbaugh, talking to a radio show caller about how all those Republicans got COVID.