Grand Jury Indicts South Dakota Mask Refuser Who Had To Be Dragged Out Of School Board Meeting By Police

The Mitchell Republic reports:

A grand jury has indicted a Mitchell man on charges of obstructing a law enforcement officer for his actions during a Mitchell School District Board of Education meeting last month.

Reed Bender, 39, faces a Class 1 misdemeanor for “using or threatening to use violence, force or physical interference or obstacle, intentionally obstruct, impair or hinder the enforcement of the criminal laws or the preservation of the peace by law enforcement officers,” according to court documents.

Upon their arrival, Bender told Mitchell police officers Niko Arnold and Tyler Urban, “You’re going to have to drag me out.” The officers then attempted to escort Bender out of the meeting. At one point, one officer drew his taser — while some audience members at the meeting told Bender not to resist.

My first report on the incident is here.