Limbaugh Applauds Trump’s “Masterful” Tax Avoidance

“One thing, he’s an expert at moving money around to avoid paying taxes, and he’s really an expert at making those who loan him money as vulnerable as he is. They can’t call the loans on him. They’d go down the tubes if he does. So he’s a master at this.

“These tax returns show that he is a master at using the tax code legally. If Trump had done all of this illegal stuff after all of these years, it would have caught up with him by now. Now, the drive-bys are focusing in on a $72 million refund.

“And they’re trying to say that that $72 million refund was illegal. It’s made up of phony losses and so — well, that’s up to the IRS, folks, to go after people that lie, or file false returns or what have you.

“And they do it if they think that somebody’s gaming the system or that they can get money out of them. And they haven’t done it with Trump yet. So now Trump is gonna be forced to explain all this tax stuff?

“Shouldn’t there be some outrage directed at Congress and the guy who’s been in government for 47 years, Joe Biden, for creating a tax code like this that smart citizens simply go out and hire the smartest other citizens they can find to use it to their greatest benefit?” – Rush Limbaugh.