NJ Gym Owners Claim They Were Closed In A Secret Plot To Make Sure There’s A Spike In COVID In The Fall

“I have no idea what the stats they’re looking at, but I sincerely think that they are actually looking to make sure they can mandate a peak and a spike in COVID cases in the fall so they can shut everything down again. That is my honest belief.

“That if they open up gyms they know that everybody’s going to go to them, they’re going to get healthy, they’re going to feel better and they’re going to build their immune system, and they’re going to have less of a spike in the fall.

“And I truly believe that that’s what this is all about, because they don’t have any data and science to back anything up.” – New Jersey gym owner Frank Trumbetti, speaking to fawning Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade.

Earlier this week the gym lost its business license after its owner were arrested for defying lockdown orders, but the gym reopened yesterday anyway.

The gym has been the site of pro-Trump rallies attended by far-right extremists and members of a white nationalist militia, the Three Percenters.