Johnson Says “Don’t Blow It” As England’s Pubs Reopen

The Guardian reports:

Boris Johnson has implored people to behave responsibly and safely as England’s chief medical officer admitted Saturday’s easing of the lockdown left the country treading a narrow path with serious risks “on either side”.

In a press conference on the eve of changes that will allow restaurants, pubs and bars to reopen for the first time since March, the prime minister insisted “we are not out of the woods yet”.

“Let’s not blow it,” he said. But his remarks came against a backdrop of the government’s handling of the pandemic being branded a shambles. Its messaging around the need to act sensibly also drew concern after it was announced pubs in England would be able to serve customers from 6am on Saturday.

The Telegraph reports:

England has emerged from its “long national hibernation” with a “Super Saturday” of reopenings that included pubs and beer gardens at 6am. Restaurants, hairdressers and cinemas were able to reopen from midnight on Friday, but pubs had to wait until Saturday morning – a decision Downing Street said was intended to prevent any midnight partying.

Long queues have been seen outside hair salons in particular, with many apparently keen to leave their lockdown haircuts behind.

Home Secretary Priti Patel issued a warning to the public not to “jeopardise the hard work and sacrifices we have all made” by engaging in “irresponsible behaviour and carelessness” after lockdown ends.