Perkins: Neil Gorsuch Has “Demoralized Conservatives”

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

The “Young Scalia,” as he was nicknamed, who said he learned from Antonin that “words matter — that the judge’s job is to follow the words that are in the law” just replaced history’s understanding of “sex” with ideas no one in 1964 could have fathomed.

If you’d have told people 56 years ago that they were “voting for a bill to equate the situation of transgender people — of whom no one had heard of since the word had not yet found its way into English — with the situation of African-American people,” Kevin Williamson argues in NRO, they’d have thought you were crazy.

And yet this “magical thinking” has completely replaced jurisprudence. It’s no wonder conservatives are demoralized. They trusted Gorsuch when he was adamant about respecting the court’s role, when he so humbly talked about the “modest station” of judges.

They believed him when he said, “If judges were just secret legislators… the very idea of a government by the people… would be at risk.” Now, he’s living proof.

Suddenly, we fear for our kids’ classrooms, our sons and daughters in the military, the future of adoption and competition, and the vanishing hopes of any Christian to run a business or ministry without being sued.