Candace Owens: Send Me Money To Defend My “First Amendment Rights” To Say Anything On Social Media

Via email from Trump cultist Candace Owens:

The people of Michigan spoke up against Big Government tyranny from their far-left Governor Gretchen Whitmer. I defended these brave Americans on Twitter so the world would know Patriots are taking a stand against egregious civil rights violations during this quarantine.

As a result… Twitter banned my account. I’m certainly not the first Conservative voice to be banned without any wrongdoing on Twitter… and without your help I won’t be the last.

Right now, Twitter has special protections from the Federal Communications Commission for being an outlet of free speech but we all know they pick and choose which voices they want on their platform and Conservatives are being silenced every day.

Twitter’s war against Conservatives is no secret and they won’t stop until tens of thousands of Americans stand up against them. As long as they know they’re protected by the FCC from any lawsuits, they will continue to silence YOUR voice from being heard.

That’s why I’m petitioning FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to remove these protections from Twitter, but I cannot make it happen without your help. FIGHT FOR YOUR VOICE!

Authoritarian Big-Tech firms like Twitter have gotten away with snubbing, demonetizing, and silencing ANYONE who disagrees with their radical, far-Left agenda for too long. By supporting my fight today, you’ll stand in solidarity with millions of Americans for the defense of our First Amendment.

Owens, rather obviously, is counting on the morons who are unable to comprehend the First Amendment. And par for the course, she is lying about being banned by Twitter. In fact, she’s currently tweeting that the death toll from coronvirus is actually under 10,000.