Michael Savage: Fauci Is The “PT Barnum Of The Virus”

“Once cooler heads prevail in the White House and in the CDC and they push the grandstander [Dr. Anthony] Fauci into a laboratory where he belongs.

“I don’t think he’s seen a laboratory as long as I haven’t seen a laboratory. He’s a PR man, he’s a showman. He’s the P.T. Barnum of the COVID virus. Everywhere you turn there he is, Fauci the savior. It’s enough with Fauci already.

“Now all of a sudden you can’t get a scintilla of information from the government about this virus unless it goes through Fauci’s department, whatever that department may be.” – Right wing radio host Michael Savage, on today’s show.

Savage last appeared on JMG in January when he suggested sending rats from a Chinese market to AOC so that she contracts coronavirus.

Savage has warned Trump that denouncing white supremacists will cost him votes. He’s also said that the MAGAbomber was a “liberal plant.”