Limbaugh: Risking COVID Is Part Of The American Way

“You see all over the country now, people are revolting against certain state governors who want to maintain lockdown. It can’t go on. This forced shutdown — the forced ruination of the United States economy — must end.

“There may be great risk in reopening the country, in phases. There may be great risk in sending people back out to start working — even under the guidelines, they’re risks that have to be taken.

“They are certainly no different than the risks the American people have taken throughout our history. We had to get involved in World War II, once we were attacked by the Japanese. We had to get involved in World War I, by — we didn’t want — we had to get involved in order to defend and protect ourselves.

“These were risks that we tried to avoid taking for the longest time. But we had to get involved. We had to take risks after 9/11. We had to take a number — we’ve had to take risks our entire history as a nation.

“Taking risks, entrepreneurism, fearlessness, it’s a hallmark of the American identity, and of the American culture. And this shutdown, and hunkering down in total fear, is not a hallmark of American history, or of American culture.” – Rush Limbaugh.