Birx Suggests “Creative” Solutions To Getting Haircuts

Yahoo News reports:

Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the leading medical experts on President Trump’s coronavirus task force, tried to reconcile the controversial order by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp reopening some businesses across the state with the task force recommendations that call for continued social distancing.

Among the businesses that Kemp, a Republican and a strong supporter of President Trump, plans to allow to reopen on Friday are hair and nail salons and tattoo parlors.

“I believe people in Atlanta would understand that if their cases are not going down that they need to continue to do everything that we said — social distancing, washing your hands, wearing a mask in public — so if there’s a way that people can social distance and do those things, then they can do those things. I don’t know how, but people are very creative,” Birx said.