El Paso Ready To Sue Trump For Unpaid Rally Expenses

The Texas Tribune reports:

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo on Tuesday said city officials should probably consider suing President Trump’s campaign to recoup more than $500,000 in expenses incurred during a rally last year. The city spent about $470,000 on security and other costs for a Trump rally in South El Paso in February 2019.

After that invoice went unpaid, the city tacked on about $99,000 in late fees. “My last instructions to [city staff] were if we need to, file suit,” Margo said during a virtual press conference.

Thirteen other cities are also waiting on repayment from the Trump campaign, the Center for Public Integrity reported last week. The total the campaign owes is more than $1.82 million, including about $543,000 to Minneapolis officials, and about $211,000 to the city of Albuquerque, the CPI reported.