Alleged Ex-Gays To Plot Against “LGBTQ+ Tyranny”

Via press release from Christian Newswire:

GOD’S VOICE Conference launched in 2019 to bring biblical clarity to the confusion surrounding the issues of “LGBTQ+ Christianity” and the errors injected into conservative church circles by the “Revoice” movement.

This year, the gathering seeks to equip Christians to face radical LGBTQ+ activists’ growing threats to biblical morality, biological reality and the God-given rights to religious freedom and free speech. From the religious freedom-crushing Equality Act to unconstitutional talk-therapy bans, from shocking Drag Queen Story Hours to indoctrinated children seeking surgical “gender transitions,” from radical LGBTQ+ activist pressure at Christian colleges to Big Tech censorship, Christians are facing unprecedented pressure to conform to the demands of this tyrannical movement.

GOD’S VOICE Conference 2020 will feature an unprecedented lineup of top Christian leaders, pastors, pro-family activists and medical and therapeutic experts to inform God’s people about what the LGBTQ+ movement is doing, where it’s headed and how Christians, their churches and their families can stand firm and fight back amid looming cultural and legal battles.

The event appears to be organized by self-loathing alleged ex-gay Stephen Black. Scheduled speakers include characters from the usual caravan of crackpots: Scott Lively, Porno Pete, Janet Mefferd, and Christopher Doyle – plus a smattering of other allegedly ex-gay nutbags you’ve never heard of. The conference takes place in April in the middle of Bumfuck, Oklahomo.