Rush Limbaugh: Dems Exploit The Disabled Like Greta

“This is a tactic that the Democrats use. They will go out and purposely find disabled people, they will make of them prominent political figures, and when they do that, I’m sorry, if they’re going to put disabled people or any other kind of person in the political arena, they are converting them into a political figure.

“As such, they’re going to be reacted to politically. I’m sorry, I speak for myself here, but I’m not going to lay down and ignore just because the Democrats are trying to run a trick to make all of us do just that. And what Trump said is not particularly mean, anyway.

“You’re 16 years old, what are you doing getting all riled up about this? Chill out, go to some anger management, and see a movie. Enjoy your life.” – Rush Limabaugh, on his radio show.