Trump Attacks Wind Power Because When The Wind Isn’t Blowing You’ll Have To “Turn Off The Television”

NBC News reports:

President Trump on Wednesday mocked the idea of focusing on wind power, suggesting that it would devalue property and undermine U.S. output of other energy forms. “Put the windmills up and watch the value of your house if you’re in sight of a windmill — watch the value of your house go down by 65 percent,” he said Wednesday. “Wonderful to have windmills. And solar’s wonderful too, but it’s not strong enough, and it’s very very expensive.”

From earlier this week:

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday called President Trump’s claims about potential negative impacts of the widespread adoption of wind energy “moronic,” labeling the president a “narrow-minded thinker.” “When Donald Trump said we’re not going to have toasters and TVs if we have wind power, that’s just simply moronic, is the best way I can say it,” Inslee, who announced last week that he would run for president, said during an interview with ABC’s “The View.”

Trump has also previously claimed that solar power doesn’t work when the sun isn’t shining. For real.