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TEXAS: Wind Power Output Passes Coal For First Time

NPR reports: For the first time ever, wind has surpassed coal as an energy source in Texas. Data released this month by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas shows wind created 22 percent of the electricity used in the first half of the year, edging out coal by 1%. Texas is the largest consumer of coal in the country, according …

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Trump Shrugs Off Climate Change At G20 Summit, Rips Wind Power As Unusable “When The Wind Goes Off”

The Independent reports: Donald Trump has again dismissed the need to tackle climate change by saying the US has the cleanest air and water “ever”. The president, speaking at the G20 Summit in Japan, also claimed that wind power “does not work” because it has to be heavily subsidized. “I’m not sure that I agree with certain countries with what …

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Trump Attacks Wind Power Because When The Wind Isn’t Blowing You’ll Have To “Turn Off The Television”

NBC News reports: President Trump on Wednesday mocked the idea of focusing on wind power, suggesting that it would devalue property and undermine U.S. output of other energy forms. “Put the windmills up and watch the value of your house if you’re in sight of a windmill — watch the value of your house go down by 65 percent,” he …

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