Former Log Cabin Republicans President: Liberals Keep “Falsely Accusing” Mike Pence Of Being Anti-LGBT

Former Log Cabin Republicans president Gregory Angelo has written a typically stupid piece of gaslighting for Fox News:

Despite false accusations made against him, Mike Pence is not anti-gay. As a gay man myself – and someone who not only cares deeply about these issues but advocated on behalf of the LGBT community myself for years – this is not an assertion I make lightly.

There is absolutely nothing – nothing at all – in Mike Pence’s record to indicate he sees himself as a culture warrior who believes LGBT Americans are the enemy. Yet false accusations that the evangelical stalwart is a virulent homophobe who went out of his way to target gay people for harassment, oppression, and even physical torture have dogged Pence for years.

Despite the continued wails of liberals intent on keeping the lie alive about his supposed homophobia, Mike Pence has acted with grace, a spirit of inclusion, and a commitment to be a vice president for all Americans.